Tea Lattes are style of milk tea and a variation on café lattes. With the combination of bold teas and delicious flavors, Tipson’s Latte Teas have been crafted specifically for milk These delectable blends can be served both hot and cold. Traditionally these Latte teas are made with frothy milk being poured into the brew, but for those warm summers, these delicious Lattes are best indulged poured over some frosty ice cubes after mixing the chilled brew with Milk Tipson’s Maple Nougat Latte Tea is dessert in a cup. This is ideal as a blended milky iced shake or a warm cup of delicious Latte Tea. This delightful flavour is a perfect alternative to a dessert after a delectable meal Ingredients:- Pure Ceylon black tea with flavour maple and natural flavor chocolate. 30 staple-free tea bags with string &tag into a foil pouch and then into a cardboard box. 

Tipson Maple Nougat Latte Tea 30 Tea Bags